Conference Details

"A new command I give you: Love one another.  

As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

Prophecies 20th & 21 August 2022


I have chosen you; you have not chosen me now is the time to step forward and take your positions.

I have called you here to strengthen you, to heal you, to remove those hindrances that are stopping you from fulfilling what I have called you to do.

I will touch you and grace you so you can let go of all bitterness, anger, resentment and judgements you have made against others.

I see your pain and the suffering you have endured, call upon my name, let my

Holy Spirit have free reign among you, to move as he pleases.

Put no boundaries upon him, let him have his way with you this day, I will transform you into the people of God I am calling you to be, nothing is impossible to me.

My word is a firm foundation, take it, speak it , stand upon it ,my word is truth, it will never fail, it will never return to me without having done what it was meant to do.

Rise up and be the people of faith I am calling you to be in this hour, spend time with me and let me fill you with my presence , draw closer to me and I will reveal myself to you in a deeper way than ever before.


What do you see as I take you into this next season, the old has gone and the new is about to begin.

Widen your tent pegs, stretch the canvas, prepare yourselves I am doing a new thing.

Allow me to touch you and expand your minds only then will you truly see what I am about to do through you and with you.

Let me set your imaginations on fire, I want you to dream big, do not try to box me in or set boundaries or limitations on what I can do, I am the God of the impossible.

I am bringing to this earth the greatest move of my hand the world has ever seen, you are part of the remnant that has prayed for that, you will see my hand move and how it shall move.

I am cleansing my church, I want a spotless bride without spot or blemish, people will once again desire holiness, because I am holy,

They will seek me with a hunger and thirst they have never known, because nothing else will satisfy them.

The time has come to take off your garments of mourning and put on your garments of praise, it is time to celebrate what I the Lord God is doing in this land and in all the nations of the earth.

You might say” I see nothing but devastation and misery, so many things are going wrong”, but did I not forewarn you in my word that these things must happen.

In the same way you would cleanse a wound in order to bring about the healing process that is what I am doing now, so do not be afraid of this process, but press forward into all that I have for you.

I am making all things brand new, I am restoring what has been lost, and what has been stolen by the enemy of your souls.

My children I am your father, I love you with an ever-lasting love, nothing can separate you from me, seek refuge in me, I will protect you.