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"A new command I give you: Love one another.  

As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”


Welcome my children to this time of refreshing, a time of setting aside the world and coming into my presence.

As a weary traveller going through the desert would drink from the oasis when he came upon it, take time now to drink from the spring of life I am offering you here in this place at this time.

This time here will also bring its challenges as I move through each of your lives this week to, cleanse, heal and purify.

I am seeking a deeper commitment from each of you, the time is past for sitting on the fence.

Some of you have allowed the world to overtake you and that has influenced
your decisions.

Allow me to remove from your hearts all the pain, hurt and impurity so that you will leave this place with a heart that has been touched by me, a heart that has been set on fire with my love, and serve me like you have never
ne before.

'You well be the only light some people will ever see, let me cleanse you so that the light inside of you, which is me will radiate to all those you meet.

When a lantern glass has become dull and dirty over time, wouldn't you dean the glass so that all could benefit from the light it gives out, allow me to do that in you this week,

Allow me to strengthen your faith, allow me to prune away all that is stopping you from going deeper with me, then you wm began to bear the fruit I have been waiting for, my children draw dose to me new and I will draw
close to you.


During this time while you are here in this place I am calling you to repentance, immerse yourself in the river of my mercy ,allow me to remove from your hearts all that is stopping you from hearing my voice and my
direction and all that I am calling you to do .

Do not hold onto the past, do not allow the sin in your lives to stop you from receiving all that I want to give you and to do through you, nothing is impossible for me and nothing is unforgivable.

Do not allow the evil one to try and prevent you from confessing any sin in your life, bring it into the light, allow me to touch you with my Holy Spirit and to cleanse you, and bring restoration and healing, then you will receive my
mercy and forgiveness.

You will be challenged during this week as I am asking you to let go of what you have been holding onto, only then can I bring into your lives the new thing I want to do .

My children I see your hearts, allow me to set you free, you are here in this place by my will and desire.

For a tree to bear good fruit it has to be pruned and sometimes drastically, do not be afraid of this, I know what I am doing.

I created you for a purpose, all that you have gone through and are going through I will use for your benefit and my glory.

Your test will become a testimony and I will use it to touch the hearts of all those I bring to you and to give them hope where there was none before, I will use you to bring them to me.

My word is truth and I will fulfil my promises, I am preparing you for people will question you and your faith will be tested, call on my name and I will strengthen you and cause you to stand firm.


My children, hear my word and obey, I have called you aside to speak to you this week and to touch you with my Holy Spirit.

Some of you lack direction, some of you have lost the dream I placed in you a long while ago, here in this place I will restore all that has been lost and forsaken.

My people in this world lack direction; I am calling you to be a standard bearer, a sign post that will lead them to me.

Stand on my word, for my word is truth, it does not change, and neither do I, many are trying to water my word down so it can be acceptable, but my word is truth and can never be watered down and never changed.

That is why I am asking you to seek me in a much deeper way as never before; you will be called to answer for the faith you have and why, what will you say to them?

Again I say come to me in true repentance, allow me to remove from your hearts all that is not of me and my desire for you.

I want all to be saved and I want to use you to touch the hearts of those you meet and lead them to me.

The world it's self has decided not to know me or to listen to me, they ignore my word and try to remove it, I will not allow this to continue, do not be afraid my hand is upon you.

I am the God of all, I am your God, draw even closer to me r stand on my word and believe in the promises I have made, I will keep my promises, my word is truth and it will fulfil what it has been sent to do.


Allow my Holy Spirit to move freely not only in this place but in your lives when you leave here.

Some try to control the Holy Spirit because they are afraid and want to be in control, in doing so you limit him and stop him from doing what I have sent him to do.

Some want him on their terms and that is not possible either, allow him total freedom then you and others will see my power manifest and cause the miraculous and life changing things to happen.

Some want me on their terms, what I am asking is that you wholly abandon yourselves and allow me free reign, I long for you to be passionately in love with me and allow me to set you on fire with that love.

The time for being passive and lukewarm is over, I want a people that will stand in the gap and proclaim me; you need to decide if you will do that, I will not force you, that decision is yours and yours alone.

I want to take you to a people that are so hungry and thirsty, they do not know me, and they will only know me if people that say they are a Christian and know me, actually mean it and show it.

Again allow me to remove from you what hinders your walk with me, allow me to purge you and make you the clean vessel want you to be, and I will totally fill you and empower you with my Holy Spirit this day.

Take hold of my word and stand on its truth remember what I have said, my word does not change and neither do I, all what I have said will come to pass.


As you gather together and prepare to leave this place, remember all that you have learned here and received, this is not just for you alone.

I am sending you out now to share with those you meet, my people need to know me and my truth, I am using you to do that.

There will be times when you will feel overwhelmed and discouraged and won't know what to say, know I will give you the words, call on my name and I will strengthen you and provide all you need.

I will uphold you with my right hand, and my Holy Spirit will over shadow you, do not be afraid, I will be with you.

I am raising up and army of people that will declare me as their Lord and Saviour, who will stand in the gap and on my word and speak my truth.

There will be challenges ahead and I am preparing you now, do not allow yourselves to be distracted from the task I have given you.

The times ahead are so important not just for you but for all those people I am calling you to speak to, I want you to lead them to me.

I am the God of all, and nothing is outside of my control, nothing is impossible to me and my people need to know and understand that, that is why I am sending you.

Show them my truth, my love and my mercy, my children as you leave here know I have always loved you and you are precious in my sight, I am your father and I will never let you go.

Catholic Charismatic Conference Tuesday am during praise & worship

My dear children, my dearest, dearest children, Have joy in your hearts, yes, joy; ask Me for the gift of joy! Do not worry if you do not feel My joy. Believe that it is present in your soul, in the highest part of
your soul, giving peace to your spirit.

My children, I know all your burdens and worries, everyone of them, as nothing is hidden from My eyes! Your families, your children weigh heavily on your hearts; their needs are your burdens and their lack of faith makes you anxious.

Children, the best you can do for this is to be here, in My Presence, remain
FULLY in My Presence.

At the start of this week, lay all your burdens down. Try your best not to pick them up again, and, if you do, lay them down once again. Let your burdens become My burdens; I will carry them for you.

In exchange, carry My yoke, My burden through this week. What is My yoke?

It is the yoke of praying for my Will to be done in and through you, in and through your families & in and through the world. This is what you truly need, for My will is always best! I AM all that you need! So, go forward, bringing your witness to this nation, that needs My light so much in these times. From the very heart of this Country, rays will go out and spread over the earth.

Come together in prayer, in praise and in worship.

Give thanks, above all, for My blessings. FOCUS on My blessings children, for I scatter many upon you and your families at every moment. My blessings are more than the stars in the Heavens, so raise your arms in praise and bless my goodness.


Direction for Our Times

9th August 2016

Many prophecies have been received in recent times forecasting a time of trial- a time of storm both metaphorical and literal. One source of such prophesies is the series of Volumes by Anne, a Lay Apostle, where specific events are predicted .

The following extract is from the locution Anne received from St Gertrude on 13th July 2004, recorded in Volume 7.

This is a time of the greatest grace but it is very much the calm before the storm. The storm
will come, my friends
. Of that you must be certain. Jesus, in all of his Mercy, is prepared to

In recent years I wondered when the calm period was to end; the world was looking less and less calm. Then on 24th July 2015 I received a message from God, given by an intense conviction that lasted for hours - it was the end of the quiet time and the beginning of the storm; but we must be sure that, however evil the world might seem to be, God would be in charge and one need have no fear or worry if one remained trusting and faithful.

I described it to Anne who asked me to tell her of any further messages. I had no expectation of anymore, but at the beginning of last month there was another; that the storm was moving to a new level of intensity; the need for prayer for the mitigation of the consequent suffering, and for the salvation of the souls of all who would die, is even more urgent. At the same time I sensed that God was gracing such prayer with greater effectiveness.

Anne has approved the preparation of a presentation giving an outline of the various prophecies in the Volumes (some of which are already fulfilled).

Prophecies Given at 2016 Conference