Conference Details

"A new command I give you: Love one another.  

As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

Prophecies given at Day of Renewal

Saturday 30th September 2017

Our Lady of the Angels Cotton Road Nuneaton CV11 5UA

Prophecy given in morning.

Allow me to pour out my Holy Spirit upon you and move through you today.

Let me meet you where you are, nothing is beyond me, or impossible for me.

Let me touch you, some of you here carry burdens that are too heavy for you, but they are not too heavy for me, release them to me, do not take them back.

Trust my love for you, I am in control, everything in your lives I am in control and I will use it for your benefit and your good. Bask in the power of the Holy Spirit, allow him now to move through you, to cleanse, to heal, to re shore you, but to also empower you. So when you leave here you will be refreshed and be able to continue what I have called you to do.

Do not be afraid I am with you, trust my love for you, I will not leave you.

I will make a way, nothing is lost, allow me to fill you with my love and continue to transform you.

Prophecy given in afternoon.

Listen to the voice of my Holy Holy Spirit, he will lead you to the truth, he will open your eyes to it.

Draw closer to him, he will open your heart to my will and give you the strength and courage to carry it out.

My Spirit will come upon you, and his fire will burn through you, allow him to purify you and make you into the instrument I want you to be.

Spend time in my presence, allow me to remove from you all  that is not of me, then my light and my glory will shine from you and I will use you to draw the people to me.

There are so many in this world crying out for a sign, a sign of hope, I want you to be that sign.

Show them my love but also my truth, stand firm on my word, do not dulute it, but speak it with gentleness. Let my Holy Spirit guide you in what to say; he will be your guide; and your protection, call on him and he will answer.