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"A new command I give you: Love one another.  

As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”


Day of Renewal 7th April 2018

My children as you come together today, as you come into my presence, surrender yourselves to me.

Allow me to touch you with my presence, allow me to revel myself to you in an intimate way, to show you how much I love you.

Allow me to touch you with my Holy Spirit, to open your hearts to my will.

Allow me to reawaken you with the power of my Holy Spirit and to cause you to be on fire with a love for me that surpasses anything you have ever known.

Allow me to reawaken the passion inside of you that will cause you to seek my will above all else in your lives.

My children turn again to me, let me remove all complacency, apathy, and all wrong attitudes and mindsets from you. Let me plant this day my mind and my thoughts within you, so that you will see the people around you and the situations you are in with my eyes.

I will strengthen you, do not allow the enemy to convince you that I have left you, or I will not answer your prayers.

I have heard you, and I will answer but it will be in my time and my way.

I encourage you now, to seek me today to seek me in a deeper way, press into me take my hand and I will uphold you.


2017 Conference

The Ministry of Christ (The Healer) a Catholic and Ecumenical

Christian Prophetic Ministry and School of Prophets

2 August 2017

For" Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." But how are men called to believe upon Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without a Preacher? And how can men Preach unless they are Sent? As it is written "How beautiful are the feet

of those who Preach Good News."

" Dear Brethren of God most High, I call to you to be more close to me,  I urge you all to become as close to me as is your Brother, My Son, Jesus The Christ, and Redeemer of all the world. I call upon you to become so close to me that you can hear the beating of
My Sacred Heart, and the voice of God speaking to you, from within, into your heart

It speaks to each of you, from My Holy Scriptures ‘The fields are ripe unto

harvest, but the labourers are few.' Is not the scripture I preface my Prophecy with


I Baptized My Son Jesus in the Jordan river and filled Him with My Holy Spirit, and I proclaimed to heaven and earth' This is My Beloved Son, Listen to Him.' And when I Baptized you in water, and filled you with My same Holy Spirit, I proclaimed again in heaven and earth ' This is My Beloved Son ' Listen to Him.'

I infilled My Son Jesus with My Spirit so that together they would go forth, and in the Almighty Power, of the Almighty Spirit, of Almighty God, they would Reveal and Teach the Good News to the people of God Wanted or Unwanted.

Know this Beloved of God, When I Baptized you in water I Infilled you, each of you, with the same Spirit of God to enable you to Proclaim the Good News, Wanted or Unwanted to all the world, at this time and Season. My Son Jesus I equipped with all the Gifts of God He needed to nullify the evil works of the evil one. I have equipped each of you with these
same Gifts of God from My Holy Spirit. Who will activate these Gifts within you as He knows they are required, to overthrow and bring to nought the plans of the devil to attack My Holy Catholic Church at this

I will remind you all, children of God, that God has Gifted each of you, with His Divine Anointing of sacred Chrism at your Baptism, that you are now by Grace, Priest- Prophet-King and you have Dominion over Satan and all evil angel spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. So rejoice My Children at this Good News from God to each of you, and expect that My Holy Spirit will speak in His ways to you during this
gathering together, and invite you to Proclaim to Him these words, ‘I will Go Lord, Send Me.’ Do not be afraid for My Holy Spirit and My Son Jesus will go before you and with you, they will Lead you, Empower you, and Scatter the evil angel spirits, that hold fast many of My People, the People of God. Trust in the Lord always, and I will make you Fishers of Men!!!" Thus says the Lord of Hosts to you:

Bernard Kelly:

Son -Servant - Prophet of God

Conference Week


My children I have called you to set aside these next few days in order to
seek me in a deeper way.

This time now is a time of purification, healing and direction; it is also a time
where I need you to subject yourself to my Ho!y Spirit and what I
. want him to do in you while you are here.

Some of you have come here this week seeking answers to the many questions you have, spend time in my presence, seek me before anything else, then the confusion and lack of direction you have will leave, then my
peace will come and lead you into what I am asking of you .

Place at my feet this day all that you have on your hearts right now and leave
them there, seek me now with a hunger and thirst you have not had in a while.

Allow me to cleanse and purge you of what is not my will for you, in doing so
my light will begin to shine even more brightly through you.


Today I want you to immerse yourself in my presence, seek me with a repentant heart,
allow me to move through you with the fire of my Holy Spirit and remove from you
everything that holds you in bondage to the enemy.

Allow me to break the chains around you and set you free, then you will be able to
worship me in spirit and in truth, over the coming days I will challenge you.

I am your father, you are my children and nothing can separate you from me and there is
no pit so deep that my hand cannot
reach down and bring you out of it.

My love for you is never ending, I am merciful and full of compassion, do not allow the
enemy of your soul to use fear to stop you from coming to me.

Do not be afraid to seek me in Confession, release the burdens you carry to me, there is
no sin too great that I will not forgive, I see your heart.

When you go to the priest do not be anxious or fearful, some of you carry shame, I live in
the priest, they are my priests and they are accountable to me.

Allow me to set you free, allow me to fill you with my love and forgiveness so you can
share this with those you meet.

Allow me during this time here in this place to transform you into the people I want you
to be.

Allow me to fill you afresh and rekindle in you that fire I started long ago, let that fire then
burn bright within you once more, use this time wisely and seek me with a passion.

I want to use this time here to prepare you for what I have planned for you, my people
need a light, I want you to be that light that will lead them to me.

Many are lost and are seeking direction but in the wrong places, you will be my light to
them, but in order to keep that light within you, that brightness, you will need to be
vigilant and keep yourselves pure in heart and mind, be on your guard and stand firm
against the enemy


I am happy when you come together and fellowship with each other because through this
fellowship you give each other strength and support, but that is not the only reason you
are here.

I have called you aside during this time to prepare you for what lies ahead, you are not
here to have your ears tickled, but to hear my truths and to stand on my word .

. So many times my word has been watered down to please others this cannot continue,
the battle you are in is real, the enemy of your souls will take no prisoners and he will
have no mercy.

I am calling you now to prepare yourselves, you need to have my armour and my weapons
because this is a spiritual battle, you will need these for your protection .

. So many of my children do not put on this armour, because they do not believe in the
power of my word, I need you to stand on my word and on my truths.

When you look at the inside of a tree trunk you will see the rings and they go all the way
through the tree, that is how I want my word to be with you, that it is so ingrained in you
it goes all the way through you ,that is how I want it to be with all those who say they
follow me.

Being able to know my word or quote it is not enough, I want my people to believe in the
power that is in my word and what it says, that my promises are true and I will keep my
word .

Speak out even more so when the person speaking it believes what they are saying to be true.

My children heed my words this day, let me teach you and ready you so you will be
prepared and will be able to stand firm, call on my name and I will hear you and I will


Today I want to talk to you about faith, all of you have different levels of faith but I want
to strengthen your faith to such a degree that you will believe for the impossible.

I am going to touch each one of you with my Holy Spirit and I will fill you to overflowing,
you will do even greater things than my son Jesus did, but that has already been promised
to you in my word, but so many read that promise and still do not believe it.

I am challenging you, I am stretching you, the people of this world need to see a people of
faith, a people that not only speak my word but actually believe what they are speaking.

Declare my word, do not doubt then you will see my hand move, situations that look
impossible are not impossible to me.

Be on your guard against the enemy of your soul, be vigilant, be discerning, pray for an
increase in my gifts, I will not deny you.

Being here during this time has been a challenge, for some of you more so, see this place
as an Oasis in the desert whereby I can feed you, refresh you and nurture you, to heal and
restore you so that you will be able to do what I am calling you to do.

So many of my people have had their faith stunted by fear they have stopped moving
stopped growing, the time has come to ask yourselves here in this place, First what do I
really believe ?Second what is more important man's approval or mine.

Allow me to fill you now with my Holy Spirit, let me set you on fire to be that powerhouse
of faith, love and prayer, to be my light to the world I will be sending you
to, do not be
afraid ,I will be with you.


My children in the few days that you have been here I have spoken to you in various ways,
never doubt my love for you.

I am your father and you are my children, I watch over you and I will guide you on the
path I want you to follow.

As you leave here today hold fast to what you have learned and to the gifts that you have
received, these gifts are not just for you but for the building up of my kingdom, they are
not for you to build your own, the enemy will tempt you but do not give in.

I have touched each one of you and I will use you all in a unique way, I will draw people to
you that need to know about my love for them.

I am sending you out a people of faith, stand on my promises, on my truths, I will not fail
you and I will not leave you.

Be on your guard, I will say this again the battle you are in is real, I am calling you to be a
people of pure hearts and minds.

There will be times when you will stumble, then I will raise you up, the times when you
believe you have failed, I will wipe away your tears.

Call on my name and I will answer you and I will pour out my Holy Spirit upon you, I will strengthen you, I will pour out my grace upon you and you will overcome.

Be the light I am called you to be , that light in the darkness, as you become more
immersed in me that light in you will shine even brighter, and that light will overcome the
darkness, it will reveal the path I want my people to walk on , the path that will lead
them to me.

Saturday 22nd April 2017

‘A New Day is Dawning’


When you call on my name I will hear you. Do not allow the enemy of your soul to rob you of what I want to give you; or what I want to do in you an through you. Be vigilant he is prowling, looking for who he can devour.

Many of you have heard my words before, but you have allowed the noise of this world to drown out my voice.

I speak to you today, this time right know is precious. I am calling you into a deeper relationship with me, my people have need of you. They to know I am real, that I am not only your God and saviour, but theirs too.

Stand firm, heed my words, stand on it, come into my presence, praise and thank me for what I have done  but what I am doing already in you, your family and in those around you. Nothing is impossible to me, come before me with a clean heart, empty yourselves of anything that holds you captive, that takes your focus away from me.

Let me sit on the throne of your heart, allow me to lead you into all I have planned for you.

Allow my Holy Spirit to cleanse and purify you, as he is doing my Church.

I want a spotless bride, I will remove from you all that is unclean, I will deliver you from the snare of the enemy,

I will set you free, you will be a light to my people, like a beacon on a hill, that will show the way to all who are lost.

‘Prophecies’ 2016 Conference